Single Source Of Truth for construction management

No more dysfunctional trackers, no need for magic spreadsheets. Vitruvi's powerful cloud-based solution is an end-to-end construction management platform that allows for a single-source of truth that all stakeholders can access and collaborate on. And it's powerful GIS capabilities allows for schedules, budgets, work assignments and as-built data to be visualized on the map.

Engineering, PMO & Construction

Changes to designs and field reporting automatically update schedules, budgets, forecasts and as-builts

Vitruvi Cloud

Vitruvi integrates with your engineering designs, from virtually any GIS format. After importing your design, Vitruvi automatically creates work breakdown structures, budgets, schedules and material and labor forecasts, all based on your preset templates.

As designs change, permits are approved, and as construction is completed and progress is reported, project schedules and budgets are updated automatically without costly and inaccurate manual data entry.

Project Management

The majority of financial and delivery risks associated with infrastructure projects take place during construction. Managing resources, contractors and materials is essential to ensure project effectiveness.

Schedules in Vitruvi are updated automatically based on real time mobile production reporting.

Your accurate status report is just a click away.

Work ManagementSchedule

Field Management

Real-time collaboration with All Stakeholders

Tickets Screen on Vitruvi Platform

Assign work to resources, at the click of a button. Field staff receive a notification on their mobile device and can provide status updates right from their phone or tablet—including production reporting, photo and document uploads, redlines, as-built data and even timesheets.

The Vitruvi ticketing engine also provides the ability to immediately identify and address construction priorities and concerns—and bring any issues to the attention of those “who need to know”. Tickets and Escalations allow teams to arrive at solutions in a timely, collaborative and proactive manner. The ability to document escalations with photo support allows for greater understanding, and improves decision making. The ticketing engine can also be applied to any entity across the platform, including work orders, tasks, invoices, and more.

Project Financials

Project Financials

Managing budgets at the program level as well as at the detailed work-order level allows project teams to have full visibility to financial performance in real-time. Finalizing as-builts, reconciling billable milestones and auditing close-out packages on a single platform, reduces the risk and delay around getting paid by customers or paying your vendors.

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Experience How Vitruvi Helps You Deliver Quality At Scale

Submit Projects 7.5x Faster
Submit projects 7.5x Faster
Increase PMO Efficiency 1.5x
Increase PMO Efficiency By 1.5x More
Reduce Production Reporting Costs By 84%
Reduce Production reporting costs by 84%
Reduce Administrative Costs By 78%
Reduce Administrative costs by 78%
Submit As Built Packages 3x Faster
Submit As-Built Packages 3x Faster
Submit Invoices 4.5x Faster
Submit INvoices & close-out pkgs. 4.5x faster

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