Vitruvi Vidflex

Video based training at everyone's fingertips

Utilize video capabilities to inform and train a modern workforce. Maintain an integrated library of training videos. Utilize Live-Stream and Video-on-Demand video capabilities to broadcast meetings and announcements.

Reduce rework with Training Videos

Maintain a library of product and material training videos that are accessable for web-based LMS and automatically linked to work items and materials for easy reference by field technicians.

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Put the Content into the hands of the Contractors

Automatically aligns training and material, training and safety videos to assigned work-items in the field. Vitruvi's fully integrated mobile app allows for real-time production insight and collaboration between all office and field crews. All video resources and work assignments available to field workers.

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Document Management

Integrated Video LIbrary

Publish live-stream meetings and announcements that are also archived and available for future reference. Communicate across a distributed workforce with our integrated video solution.

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Experience How Vitruvi Helps You Deliver Quality At Scale

Submit Projects 7.5x Faster
Submit projects 7.5x Faster
Increase PMO Efficiency 1.5x
Increase PMO Efficiency By 1.5x More
Reduce Production Reporting Costs By 84%
Reduce Production reporting costs by 84%
Reduce Administrative Costs By 78%
Reduce Administrative costs by 78%
Submit As Built Packages 3x Faster
Submit As-Built Packages 3x Faster
Submit Invoices 4.5x Faster
Submit INvoices & close-out pkgs. 4.5x faster

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