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Empower a distributed workforce

Vitruvi's fully integrated mobile app allows for real-time production insight and collaboration across all project stakeholders. Progress reporting across teams is driven by real-time field reporting and approvals. And Vitruvi is GIS based to maintain the end-to-end data integrity of all design elements from start to finish.

Field Management

52% of rework is caused by poor project data and miscommunication.

Empower crews with mobile technology to receive and report work assignments directly on their mobile device—driving project collaboration and standardization to reduce the number of truck-rolls and project delays. Put the right project data into the hands of those who need it.

Mobile Map
Reduce Prod Reporting


Construction staff review their work assignments and design documents, report production, submit timesheets and extra work orders, all from their mobile devices.  Supervisors approve submitted production reports from the web or mobile devices. Schedules and budgets are updated automatically in real-time.

As-Built and Redline collection

Collect precise offsets and as-built data right from your mobile device or upload marked up drawings from your tablet.

Redline Mobile

Tickets & Escalations

Notifications And Alerts

The ability to immediately identify and address construction priorities and conerns and bring issues to the attention of those "who need to know" is another way Vitruvi helps keep projects on track. Tickets and escalations allow teams to arrive at solutions in a timely, collaborative and proactive manner. The ability to document escalations with photo support allows for greater understanding, and improves decision making.

Tickets And Escalations
Document Management

Integrated Document Management

Fully-integrated cloud storage for all project files such as material specification, photos, videos, splicing diagrams, safety sign-offs, and even product and material training videos. All available at the fingertips of anyone in the field.

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Experience How Vitruvi Helps You Deliver Quality At Scale

Submit Projects 7.5x Faster
Submit projects 7.5x Faster
Increase PMO Efficiency 1.5x
Increase PMO Efficiency By 1.5x More
Reduce Production Reporting Costs By 84%
Reduce Production reporting costs by 84%
Reduce Administrative Costs By 78%
Reduce Administrative costs by 78%
Submit As Built Packages 3x Faster
Submit As-Built Packages 3x Faster
Submit Invoices 4.5x Faster
Submit INvoices & close-out pkgs. 4.5x faster

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