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Maintain visibility into build status with real-time insight allowing predictability into project schedule and cost. And connect with crowd-sourcing and billing systems to achieve maximum efficiency across your entire deployment process.

Vitruvi has the ability to manage the construction activities for all substations and service drops

"We would have benefited having Vitruvi 2 years ago during our first RUS funded project"

30,000 members served, across seven counties

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Time to Revenue & Customer Experience

Inventory Readiness is the key to ensuring IRR is promptly realized on capital projects of all sizes.

Effective coordination of marketing and fiber deployment activities is one of the ingredients in a recipe for success. When it comes to reaching out to the residential or business customer, having advance visibility to the next wave of ready-to-serve inventory of addresses is important.


As project teams and contractor field resources record production and as-built data from web and mobile devices, Vitruvi allows you to directly drill down to the most granular level of data for verification and reference. Invoices can be processed reliably and paid with confidence.

Verification and status reporting from a single source of truth.

Work Order Details

Collaboration with contractors

Drive standards and Quality

The ability to immediately identify and address construction priorities and concerns – and bring any issues to the attention of those “who need to know” is another way Vitruvi helps keep projects on track.

Tickets and Escalations allow teams to arrive at solutions in a timely, collaborative and proactive manner. The ability to document
escalations with photo support allows for greater understanding, and improves decision making. The ticketing engine can also be applied to any entity across the entire platform, including work orders, tasks, invoices, and more.

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Schedule Risk Manaement & Cost Predictability

Extensive experience in network engineering and construction has demonstrated that using leading indicators to gauge project risks is the most effective way to take timely preventive actions. Vitruvi provides the means to anticipate events and to make informed decisions.

Getting it right the first time is the single most important contributor to timely and cost-effective project delivery.

Vitruvi supplies the ingredients to maximize adherence to design specs and to minimize disruptive field events. Vitruvi provides project managers with accurate field insight and clear risk foresight enabling them to maximize workforce productivity and to minimize schedule delays.

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Experience How Vitruvi Helps You Deliver Quality At Scale

Submit Projects 7.5x Faster
Submit projects 7.5x Faster
Increase PMO Efficiency 1.5x
Increase PMO Efficiency By 1.5x More
Reduce Production Reporting Costs By 84%
Reduce Production reporting costs by 84%
Reduce Administrative Costs By 78%
Reduce Administrative costs by 78%
Submit As Built Packages 3x Faster
Submit As-Built Packages 3x Faster
Submit Invoices 4.5x Faster
Submit INvoices & close-out pkgs. 4.5x faster

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