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From Design To Close-Out

Import Engineering Designs

KML, XLSX, SHP files or even spreadsheets?No problem. Vitruvi imports drawings from any design platform, automatically creating associated work orders, budgets, and schedules.

Manage Work Orders

Assign work to resources and monitor progress in real-time.

Mobile Production Reporting

Construction staff review their work assignments, report progress, record timesheets and extra work orders from their mobile devices. Supervisors approve submitted production reports from their mobile phones, tablets or laptops.

Production Reporting &
File Storage

Review and approve production from both the web and mobile devices. Attach photos, videos and any other project files. Fully-integrated cloud storage for all project documents.


Schedules are updated automatically based on mobile production reporting. Downstream impacts are reflected across all work packages in real-time.

Integrated Video Based Training

Installation and product training videos hosted on the Vitruvi-Vidflex™ platform are linked to materials and work items in Vitruvi, available on web and mobile devices, driving consistency and quality of installation.

Capture Redline and As-built Data in Real-time

Collect precise offsets and as-built data right from your mobile device or upload marked up drawings from your tablet.

Integrated Escalations & Ticketing

Collaborate between field and office to track escalations and deficiencies. Tickets are linked to the map. Assign priority, responsibility, attach photos and track comments across web and mobile. All in real-time.


Manage budgets at any level of your projects, in real-time. See detailed work order budgets, rolled-up project budgets, and even consolidated program financial information.

Reporting & Dashboards

With Vitruvi's powerful web interface, many of the static reports you require to do your job are available to you in real time. For additional dashboard and status reporting, connect Vitruvi API's to your favourite dashboard platform or use the Vitruvi MS Excel® plug-in to analyze any of the data in your Vitruvi environment.

Invoice & Billing

With all your data in a single platform, Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable are reconciled automatically. With instant traceability of invoices back to production reports, work items, as-builts and QC data.

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Submit Projects 7.5x Faster
Submit projects 7.5x Faster
Increase PMO Efficiency 1.5x
Increase PMO Efficiency By 1.5x More
Reduce Production Reporting Costs By 84%
Reduce Production reporting costs by 84%
Reduce Administrative Costs By 78%
Reduce Administrative costs by 78%
Submit As Built Packages 3x Faster
Submit As-Built Packages 3x Faster
Submit Invoices 4.5x Faster
Submit INvoices & close-out pkgs. 4.5x faster

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