everyone is a leader at vitruvi.

Every team-member at Vitruvi is a leader in some area. For some people, it is not natural to lead through service, however, the team at Vitruvi believe it will be their key to success. Vitruvi invites all customers, partners and team-members to join the journey of defining corporate culture in this way.

board of directors

Experience Matters.

+ DEAN Coons

Executive Chairman
Dean Coons

17 years as Group Vice-President of Network Information Systems at The Boeing Company. Held President and COO positions at several large telecommunications EPC vendors in NA, including North Star, Ledcor and ALTA Telecom.

Founding partner in creating Ledcor's $125M telecom enterprise over a 5 year period and positioning it as the premier "Managed Services Company" in NA. Established AFL's Global integrated GPON Solution, including a $1B contract award with TELUS.

Provides strategy and consulting advice to telecom executives around the globe. Currently serves as Corporate Director and Member of the Board of AFL, as well as a Board Member for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

+ Terry MOCHAR

Board of Directors
Terry Mochar

23 years as Director of Global Business Development with Reckitt Benckiser plc (an FTSE 100 company) with operations/sales in 200 countries, $14B revenue, $52B market cap.

Oversaw $2.5B annual trade investment. In the last 10 years of his corporate career company revenues grew by +253%, operating profits by +529% and the share price increased by +455%.

Co-authored publications focused on global commerce standards for establishing operating frameworks. Served on Executive Board of the Global Commerce Initiative in Brussels.

Currently CEO at Worldplay and engaged in philanthropy and international organizational development.

+ JOdy Gallagher

Board of Directors
Jody Gallagher

President and Chief Executive Officer at AFL, where he’s built an impressive track record of results and growth over the past 35 years. Elected to Fujikura Ltd.’s Board of Directors at their Annual Shareholders meeting in Tokyo.

Actively involved in a number of civic organizations, including the Upstate Alliance and United WayHonored with the South Carolina Ambassador for Economic Development in 2015 and United Way of the Piedmont’s Chairman’s Award in 2011.

+ Zouheir Mansourati, PhD

Board of Directors
Dean Coons

Zouheir brings over 30 years of experience in the telecommunications industry and currently serves as CTO at Cogeco Communications. As a seasoned industry executive, Zouheir has lived many of the problems experienced by CSPs in building essential infrastructure to connect the world.

Prior to joining Cogeco's executive team, Zouheir spent 13 years at TELUS. He first served as vice president responsible for commercializing technology and, later, he led the National Broadband Implementation (planning, engineering, and construction) fulfilling the investment of $4B in access fiber infrastructure deployment, connecting more than 2 million homes and businesses.

Zouheir holds a Maîtrise ès Sciences Mathématiques from Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris, and M. Sc. and Ph. D. degrees in mathematics from Queen’s University, Kingston, Canada.

+ Bob Brewin

Board of Directors
BoB Brewin

Bob has many highlights in his 35-year career of executive, technical and innovative leadership for large multi-national enterprises and unique startups including: Vice-President, CTO and Distinguished Engineer for Sun Microsystems, where he provided overall executive leadership of the Java Platform, Enterprise, Database and Developer products and Open Source initiatives for a dynamic and innovative software organization that grew from $800M to $2.1B in two years; and, as Vice-President of Software for Tyco International, led a global engineering team in the design, implementation and delivery of its IoT (Internet of Things) solutions designed for use across a variety of business unit product portfolios.

+ Erick hamdan

Board of Directors

Erick is CFO of Leder Holdings Ltd and has held various senior executive financial roles within real-estate and large construction services organizations.

He carries an ICD.D Designation from the U of T Rotman School of Management and is a Chartered Professional Accountant.

Executive & Management

Servant Leadership.

+ Bryan McIver

Servant Leader - President & CEO
Bryan McIver

Bryan brings a wealth of experience to the design and construction of local access fiber networks and general telecom outside plant construction management.

Career highlights include leading the project management team responsible for deploying the first private GPON network in North America (2006 to 2008), as well as designing and building one of Canada’s first brownfield, municipally owned, FTTP networks, in Olds, Alberta (2012).

Prior to founding Vitruvi, Bryan spent 3 years overseeing a 400 person engineering, construction and procurement team, responsible for the deployment of local access fiber networks passing more than 300K premises.

Bryan earned his Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Alberta.

+ Eric miller

Servant Leader - Chief Operating Officer
Bryan McIver

With over 30 years of senior operations and international legal experience, Eric serves as Vitruvi’s Chief Operating Officer. As a seasoned executive, Eric brings a wealth of experience in the areas of corporate governance, process, compliance, finance, legal and a broad scope of M&A matters.

As a previous member of Senior Executive Leadership Teams at both Nexen Inc. and Agrium Inc., Eric led significant global expansion initiatives.

Eric holds an MBA and Juris Doctor (J.D.) from York University, as well as ICD.D designations.

+ Brody Todd, PHD

Servant Leader - CTO
Brody Todd

Brody has spent the last 10 years leading teams focused on software product development, sales and consulting, providing services to energy companies, enabling them to assess, optimize and focus on corporate strategies, with a specific product focus on developing a technical modeling environment to address unconventional oil and gas planning.

Brody has successfully delivered software solutions in academics, construction, business operations and network infrastructure and has a PhD in Engineering Management from the University of Alberta.

+ Bruno Calzetta Larrieu

Servant Leader - VP of Engineering
Bruno Calzetta Larrieu

For the past 15 years, Bruno has built enterprise software solutions for diverse companies world-wide, with a primary focus on leading development teams in the past 10 years.

His career began at Microsoft after graduating from the University of Buenos Aires with an MSc. Computer Science. He then moved to the UK for an opportunity to work with Tesco.com, the largest online retailer in the UK. He then moved into the finance industry.

+ Justin Reid

Servant Leader - VP Sales & Marketing
Justin Reid

Justin has spent 15+ years in international consulting and business development between North America, United Kingdom, and China.

Most recently, Justin led the expansion of a Deloitte Fast 50 SaaS company into Western Canada and United States markets. Success in developing effective channel partnerships and direct market solution - sales initiatives, Justin’s teams secured multiple Fortune 100 Enterprise clients and disrupted the technology SaaS market.

With a Masters in International Management and further post-graduate certifications from Stanford University, Justin has brought creative solutions to complex business and sales environments.

+ Rob Hansen

Servant Leader - VP Customer Success & Product Management
Rob Hansen

Rob has spent the last 15+ years in the Enterprise Software Industry. The first 7 years were spent on the services side of the business, leading teams and working with large multi-national companies.  These included managing multi-million dollar budgets and overseeing double digit growth in the services business.  

Rob then took the skills he developed listening to his clients and spent the following 5 years as a Product Manager overseeing a Portfolio of enterprise software products.

Rob has a bachelor of Science (Advanced) with majors in Physics and Math, from Sydney University, and Honours 1st Class in Physics.

+ Jessica Racanelli

Servant Leader - Executive Director of Product Management
Allan Schaefer

Jessica has been developing solutions for both entrepreneurial and Fortune 500 ventures for the past 18 years.
Her background and experience are the intersection of Product, UX, and Leadership. Jessica serves as a Certified Agile Coach and has extensive experience with establishing operating practices for Product Design, Development Lifecycles, and Agile Methodologies.

Jessica has a track record of solving complex problems, and leading teams through hyper-growth. She’s shipped hundreds of products, web and mobile applications including the largest Website Platform Migration in eCommerce history at Zappos-Amazon. She holds an MS in Information Technology.

+ Allan Schaefer, CPA

Servant Leader - Director of Finance
Allan Schaefer

Allan started his career in the pharmaceutical industry before transitioning to energy services, where he has spent the last 12 years.

Allan is a designated CPA with over 10 years in various leadership roles and is experienced in operational finance, budgeting, internal audits, working capital management, and financial reporting. Allan has a proven track record in driving organizational optimization and process improvements within large teams to manage working capital and enhance customer service.

+ Edward Young

Servant Leader - Executive Director, Operations
Rob Hansen

Edward is a versatile problem-solving expert with 10+ years designing, leading and implementing process improvement, data management, and enterprise system projects. He has a solid track record for optimizing operations and solving complex data problems in financial institutions, telecommunications, call centers, professional service firms, and supply chain management.

As a Six Sigma Master Black Belt, PMP, and Big Data Scientist, Edward applies strategic thinking supported by data analytics to deliver robust, responsive solutions. His strong background in operations research is complimented by a candid, comprehensible communication style that makes him a highly persuasive change agent.

+ Victoria Harris

Servant Leader - People Services
Victoria Harris

Victoria is a seasoned administrator with 10+ years of industry experience, five of which are in FTTx Construction. She is a certified Fiber to the Home Professional and holds a diploma in Business Administration. She has held previous positions as the Manager of Administration for AFL Canada as well as their Billings Manager. Victoria manages the day to day operations out of Vitruvi’s Calgary office, as well as all financial and Human Resource matters.