accelerate projects to completion and payment

Vitruvi is an end-to-end construction management platform from which to manage all stages of the project.

Increase the accuracy of field reporting, lower your DSO, and provide your clients with accurate status reporting and communication.


From conception to completion

52% of rework is caused by poor project data and miscommunication.

With all project information in a single platform, detailed design drawings, material specifications, permits, production reports, red-lines, photos, videos and as-builts are stored in the cloud, linked to their associated design elements on the map, and available from any device, at any time, for any stakeholder.

Driving project collaboration and standardization to reduce the number of truck-rolls and project delays.

Put the right project data into the hands of those who need it.

Vitruvi Features


"We finally got control of managing our build process and milestone billing against ever changing FQNIDs"

Single Source of Truth

Manage all Your Work in one Place


Capture field data at the source

Capture the data you need to close-out your projects. No double or triple data-entry, no out-of-date status reports. Just the actual project status, at your finger-tips, in real-time.

Reduce time to payment

Capture all the milestone data required to back up the invoices you submit to your clients. Align close-off packages and documentation to client requirements.

Optimize Your Workforce

Do More With Less

Optimized Crew

From Predictive Scheduling to forecasting resource demands, Vitruvi will support the alignment of your Workforce to revenue generating activities. With real-time production insights, Vitruvi enables intelligent analysis and reporting.

Word Order Details

Get it done right the First Time

Get it built right... the First Time. Dispatching repetitive and unnecessary truck-rolls is devastating to project margins. With Vitruvi, clear insight into project status and scheduling is managed the within the Vitruvi Gantt. Standards and build specifications can be controlled to ensure Quality Control is normalized across the entire projects.

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