Connectivity is the core of our
Business & culture

"Ethical values in organizations are developed and strengthened primarily through values-based leadership, a relationship between leaders and followers that is based on shared, strongly internalized values that are advocated and acted upon by the leader."  
- Richard Daft

contributing to a more connected world

Whatever your relationship with Vitruvi, we expect and encourage you to hold us accountable to our values at all time.

At Vitruvi, our vision of Contributing to a More Connected World extends beyond our leading infrastructure construction management software platform. All of our employees are connected through an indelible set of shared values. While we are not perfect, we believe that by staying true to these core values, we have a strong compass that will guide us to make the right decisions. Decisions that will earn the trust, respect, goodwill and commitment of our clients, our coworkers, our partners and our collaborators.

Vitruvi's Core Values

We hold these values in such high regard that all Vitruvi team members receive mandatory training in servant based leadership.



Do the right thing no matter what the cost.

Be honest.
Do what you say you will do.
Be ethical.



Continuously exceed the standard.

Think big and push the boundary of what is possible. Produce deliverables of exceptional quality. Use and advance the best technology. Thrive on constructive feedback. Allow greatness to come out of failure.



Demonstrate that people are of value.

Listen with the intent of being influenced. Act like none of us is as smart as all of us. Serve others to success. Demonstrate gratitude.



Overcome adversity to achieve success.

Be courageous. Demonstrate initiative. Take risks. Act like an owner.



Clearly define and achieve our goals.

Pursue customer loyalty. Steward our resources well. Recognize and celebrate our wins. Provide everyone with a scoreboard.

attract the best people in the world

Building A Diverse And Highly Skilled Team

At Vitruvi we seek to attract the best people in the world. People who were passionate about great software and construction, and who demonstrated competence in the 95th percentile. For this reason we let go of traditional local demographic thinking and searched the world for those who fit with our vision. We are applying best practice remote team leadership including: Agile process, goal and engagement focused performance management, virtual coffee breaks, open source contributions to our policy manuals and both virtual and face-to-face training and career development.